Guide to Becoming a House Sitter

House Sitting GuideTraveling more often, and spending less money to do it. Since you found your way to this page, I’m guessing that, like me, these are two ideas that appeal to you. Especially the idea that:

 If you spend less money on traveling, you’ll be able to do it more often.

Wonderful idea, isn’t it!?! And one of the best ways we’ve ever heard of to save money while on the road is by house sitting.

Becki and I are just beginning at house sitting. We’re finding out it’s really a long-term proposition – you can’t just sign up on a house-sitting website and expect to get a gig within a few weeks.

The best advice we can give is to get your profile started long before you’re expecting any kind of long-term travel. Heck, do it years before, and you can find  one or two-week long house-sits to use your vacation time on, building up experience and references as you go.

While Becki and I are beginners, our friends Pete and Dalene Heck have been traveling independently for over three years, and the only way they’ve been able to afford doing so is by house sitting for the majority of that.

… [We’ve] have had house-sitting jobs in 8 different countries. Along the way, we’ve saved over $30,000 in accommodation costs…
-Pete & Dalene

We had heard of people “house-sitting”, but never knew anyone personally who had done it before. It always seemed like a bit of a mystery, and we even wondered if it was a little shady , or even if it was real.

The good news is, they’ve put out a guide to house sitting, pulling back the curtain and getting rid of the mystery. Becki and I bought it right away and haven’t stopped using it since. Every time we apply for a house sitting job, we open it back up, scroll to their example applications, and fire away.

In it, they go through:

  • a detailed explanation of what house sitting entails
  • how to get started house sitting for free accommodation
  • the most popular websites’ strengths and weaknesses, (and which one is their favorite) so you don’t waste time or money signing up with the wrong one
  • if you’re the kind of person (or couple) that home-owners are looking for
  • contracts between-house sitter and home-owner so neither gets burned
  • the down-sides to house-sitting, and how to minimize them for the best experience for yourself and the home-owner
  • how to be a good house-sitter, get good references, and open yourself up to more and better house-sitting jobs
  • and more!

We’ve gotten a ton of use from their guide already, and are very excited about our prospective “career” in house-sitting. It only takes one house-sit for the cost of the guide to be paid back many times over, and for us the inside information was definitely worth it.

Just click below to be referred to their website and purchase their guide:

Click here to purchase Hecktic Travels’ Guide to Becoming a House-Sitter

And just so you know, the link above is an affiliate link, meaning if you use it to buy their guide, Becki and I get a small commision, and of course Pete and Dalene get the rest of the money. It’s just their way of saying “thanks” to us for finding them more audience.

If you think the information we provide is helpful and beneficial, Becki and I would totally love you for using our affiliate link. And if you think it isn’t, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know.

And of course, if you do get the guide and think it’s great, don’t hesitate to contact us or Pete and Dalene and let us know how awesome it is :)

Thanks, and good luck with all your travel endeavors!