Time for a Change

You may have noticed – all three of you readers – that Discover with Andy & Becki has been pretty silent lately. I mean, we’ve never been great at keeping a regular post schedule, but our last post was almost a year ago. There’s good reason for this, namely:

  • Becki started her own website, and
  • We’re not traveling as much and when we do, we’re not really blogging about it

At some point blogging became way more of a chore than it was fun. Consequently, we stopped doing it quite so much. Add to that taking a job at a new company with all new equipment, and my ability to spend any time on websites dropped to zero. So I wasn’t able to blog, and when we traveled for vacation, the last thing I wanted to do after working 60-70 hour weeks was spend more time working on blogging.

Becki was holding things together for a while, but since we weren’t traveling as much, her passion for the DwAB project dwindled as well. She moved into making her own website, StellarFishPaintings.com, where she showcases her photos and paintings, and put together a store on Etsy as well. With her doing that, she didn’t have the time to do much work on this here website either.

The Changeup

We’ve been doing some talking, and we think it’s time for a change for DwAB. We’re no longer going to focus on travel. Instead, it’s going to be more of a personal website, mostly for me (Andy here), but don’t be surprised if Becki still posts some photos or a new recipe we tried. Yes, there will still be posts on travel including our own trips and informative tips we learn, but only because that’s a part of us and what we enjoy doing, not as a rule. There will also be posts on anything else we feel like putting up here.

In short, we’re no longer sticking with our niche of travel blogging – we’re doing the exact opposite of what every blog expert says, and making a blog about anything and everything. Why? Because it’s our blog, and it’s time to have some fun with it again. We’re no longer expecting to pull a Tim Ferris and build a massive following and income from our website. Instead we’re going back to it simply being a hobby, and hopefully it’ll go back to being fun as well.

Image courtesy of SomeDriftWood via Flickr

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