The Complete Guide to my Vacation on Isla Mujeres

View of Playa Norte from Sea Hawk Dive Shop on Isla MujeresGetting to Isla Mujeres <> turned out to be much easier than we expected. It’s a big enough tourist destination that even people who speak no English will be able to help you get there. Take the ADO bus <> from Cancun Aeroporta (Airport) going to Puerto Juarez for $4.50pp. Now the bus doesn’t actually take you to the port, it only goes as far as the bus terminal, but this is no problem. From the bus terminal take a taxi to Puerto Juarez proper and it should be a $6.00 ride – just tell the driver “Puerto Juarez por Isla Mujeres, por favor” and you’ll be fine. This is also a huge savings over taking a taxi all the way from the airport which is around $60.00

Stay at SeaHawk Divers <>. It’s a dive/deep water fishing tour shop, but the owner Ariel also runs it as a small hotel. He’s a great guy and will help you find the Loncheria’s and the mercado so you can get deals on food, he speaks English very well, and is an all-around welcoming person. It was $53/night for us, and 20L of purified water is provided in the room which is the same as a $20 savings on your stay. It’s also half-way up the block that dead-ends into North Beach, so it’s a very walkable location. They also have beach chairs you can borrow for free to avoid paying the high prices of renting lounge chairs on the beach.

Watch out for Ave. Hidalgo – it’s the main drag and is swarming with people trying to sell you goods and services. It’s a big-time tourist trap with big-dollar restaurants. Expect to pay American prices here. Not every place is expensive, but if they look cheap it’ll be “American-cheap” prices, and “Mexican-cheap” prices, and the same for places that look pricy. That said, there are a food good places here if you feel like splurging.

A great place to eat just off the main drag is Puc-Tuc, a Cucina Economica. Gloria is the girl serving most of the time it’s open, and her winning smile and desire to talk to people from far-away places is half the reason to go. Not to mention that she knows how to make one delicious margarita!

Glass isn’t technically allowed on North Beach, so if you want to bring some beers only cans are acceptable. That said almost everyone drinks from glass bottles on the beach and just makes very sure to not break them and pack them back out.

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