The U.P of Michigan? Pshhh! More like the U.P. of Wisconsin!

That’s right, I said it. The Upper Penninsula of Michigan – the thing that isn’t actually connected to regular Michigan in any way – is really an extension of Wisconsin, and should be treated as such.

Those that live in the U.P. might disagree with me. Many people that live there really don’t consider themselves part either state. They’re neither Wisconsinite, nor Michigander, they are Yoopers through and through, and that’s fine.

But, if the U.P. is going to be considered part of either state, it should be Wisconsin. Consider the evidence:

  1. You have to drive across a big damn bridge to get there from Michigan. I mean, it’s such a spectacle that they have people who will help you drive over this bridge if you can’t handle it. However, you can drive there from Wisconsin without even realizing you’ve crossed the border.
  2. …okay, well that’s really the only reason I have. But you have to admit, it’s a great reason.

I mean, seriously, check out this picture:

Straits of Mackinac

Holy balls!

That’s the Straits of Mackinac – a five-mile gap between Michigan and the U.P. That’s almost as wide as the Straits of Gibraltar, which separates Morocco from Spain. By that logic, Spain would be considered part of Africa instead of Europe – which it’s actually connected to!

Why Do I Care?

It’s easy, really, to understand why it even matters to me.

Everything I enjoy, the U.P. is chock full of.

Camping? Check. Trails for hiking and mountain biking? Check. Big bodies of water for kayaking, exploring sea caves and cliffs, and swimming? Check. People that aren’t stodgy, that like simple pleasures in life, and enjoy a great beer? Double check.

It matters because I love Wisconsin, and I love the U.P., so why in the world should those two not be connected? When I write about the best places to go see the fall colors in Wisconsin, I want to be able to include places in the U.P. without being called out on it, just because they’re part of Michigan based on an absurd technicality.

If I write about places to go and things to do in Wisconsin, I’m going to include places in the U.P. because I can drive there without going over a enormous man-made steel structure.

Straits of Mackinac

The aforementioned Big Damn Bridge… Image Credit

Hell, in writing this article, I found out that there’s been a proposed 51st state named Superior that would include the U.P., and include certain portions of Northern Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota, most of which follow the shores of Lake Superior. Even that makes WAY more sense to me than it being part of Michigan. And if that were the case, I might very well move to this new state of Superior. Not just because it would have an awesome name, but also because I’m sure it would be full of things I’d love.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan – now part of Wisconsin.


  1. Derek Gabrys says:

    The U.P. used to be a part of Wisconsin. Michigan and Ohio were fighting over that dump Toledo and to resolve the issue Ohio got Toledo and Michigan got the U.P.

    • You know, someone mentioned this on Facebook too shortly after I posted it. Always nice to learn new bits of trivia, and I’m glad that it originally was part of Wisconsin – just seems to make more sense!

      • Dave Orth says:

        That was me who mentioned that! BTW… “isn’t actually connected to regular Michigan in any way” – yet you speak of the bridge that proves yourself wrong. lol :)

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