The State of Our Photography

This is going to be a bit of a rant. Becki and I both have a small love-affair with good photography. We’ve taken multiple photography courses, both high-school and college level. We have favorite photographers we know by name (Jimmy Chin and Antonin Kratochvil for myself, and Richard Avedon for Becki).We know enough about good photography to not call ourselves photographers, even though we’re better than many people that do (having a nice camera and lens does not make you a photographer – neither does a handlebar moustache and Instagram).

Unfortunately for us, we’re both old-souls at heart, and the digital revolution was not something that either of us embraced. This may come as a shock to people that know me since I’m an engineer and an uber-nerd, but high-tech and more fidelity doesn’t necessarily improve things that are artforms. Just as CDs are not “better” than vinyl, digital cameras are not “better” than analog cameras – it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve, what feelings and emotion you’re trying to convey.

Also, we both had a fair amount invested in analog equipment, and not diving into digital until everything was sussed out was a way to avoid spending lots of money on something so unsettled.

Getting With the Times

So finally, we’ve decided to upgrade. Since our livelihood will – in part – depend on our photography, we may still go back and get more of a super-camera next year. But for now, we have no qualms using our winner to document our escapades.

Our full post about our search for the perfect travel camera is going to come out Monday, Dec. 3rd 2012. In the mean time, here’s a little something to entice you to check back on Monday and read the full story.

Sunset over the lake at Keystone, Colorado

Yes, despite my hipster bashing above, even I think it’s fun to use effects sometimes ;)


  1. Sounds like you’re really into your photography. I look forward to following your travels on the big trip! Perhaps you can pass on a few tips. My photos are very much trial and error :)

  2. Funny how learning on digital, I now want to go and shoot film. I might have to come and hang with you guys for a couple weeks if I find myself a nice Leica :) And you are absolutely correct in that a nice camera and glass doesn’t make a good photographer. Although now getting hardcore into it, I find there are definitely times where I am limited and I am certain Dalene fears that we would be broke if I was allowed to run free in B&H. Beautiful photo above, I like to play with effects sometimes too :)

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