Vieques Unleashed: Things to Do, Sites to See, Places to Eat!

As you may know by now, we love… and I mean love Vieques. It was especially nice to go back for our wedding to spend more time on the island. Vieques is 21 miles east to west and 4 miles north to south; with it being so small, you think you would have enough time […]

What’s Up With Andy & Becki?

Hey everyone, it’s been ultra-crazy for the two of us lately. I mean, it always is crazy for the two of us (for me, it’s because I dive into WAY more projects than I can effectively manage. For Becki, it’s putting up with me diving into WAY more projects than I can effectively manage), but […]

3 Fun Things to do Before Any Vacation

It’s exciting, isn’t it? Slowly putting together your vacation plan – after all, you’ve only got a couple weeks to enjoy your time off, and with vacation time being so precious you plan it well so that you get the most of it. Here are 3 fun ideas to do before your next big trip to make the experience even more enjoyable.