A Crapful of Tips for Your Trip to Ireland: Getting There, Staying There, and Getting Around

So, you’re thinking about taking a trip to Ireland, eh? Well CONGRATULATIONS! That’s a great idea, because Ireland is totally freakin’ awesome! But, its mysteries extend beyond it’s clouded history and stories of the supernatural. It seems like just getting there and getting around are also the stuff of legend. So here’s a few tips from […]

3 Secret Code Words You Need to Know Before Renting a House in Europe

Thinking about renting a house in Europe but don’t know where to begin? Tired of looking around on Google and only finding rental houses that cost anywhere from $900 – $4,000 per week? Me too, but while doing my own online searching I found that there’s a few key words and phrases you need to […]

Journey Jabber 003: Learning the Art of Travel Hacking

In my third episode of Journey Jabber, I interview Daraius Dubash of millionmilesecrets.com to pick his brain about getting into the dark arts of travel hacking. Daraius’ website is one of the best resources I used to get into travel hacking, and since then Becki and I have stayed many nights in hotels for free in some […]

Journey Jabber 002: Using House Sitting to Stretch Your Travel Budget

In this episode of Journey Jabber, I got to interview one of my favorite travel bloggers and all-around great guy, Pete Heck. Pete and his wife Dalene run hecktictravels.com and specialize in adventurous couple travel, and have been traveling full-time quite a while – since before anyone even cared about Instagram or Pinterest, if you […]

I Got 99 Problems but Overpacking Ain’t One

When I was a little kid, the phrases ‘vacation’, ‘going out of town’, ‘going up north’, and ‘weekend getaway’ meant I would find my old suitcase or my brother’s stinky duffle bag and load it up two weeks before we were leaving town! Now I find myself hours before a flight flinging clothes around and […]

Journey Jabber 001: Introduction and What to Expect From the Show

It’s here! The very first episode of Journey Jabber is completed!!

You can listen to the show here on our website, download it to your computer, or subscribe to it through iTunes.

Since this is only the first episode, I spend a little bit of time introducing myself, going over the format of the show and the types of travelers we’re going to interview and why I think they’re important, and what to expect from future episodes.

Vieques Unleashed: Things to Do, Sites to See, Places to Eat!

As you may know by now, we love… and I mean love Vieques. It was especially nice to go back for our wedding to spend more time on the island. Vieques is 21 miles east to west and 4 miles north to south; with it being so small, you think you would have enough time […]