Living the Life More Passionate with Dave and Deb of

Just a quick note on todays interview: this was originally going to be a podcast, but Deb had put all of her interview emails into one folder, cruised through them, and it wasn’t till after working on this one for over 40 mintues that she remembered it was for the podcast. So, rather than let […]

So, We’ve Decided to Not Do A RTW Trip…

Many of you are already aware that our plans have changed a bit. Originally, we weren’t going to start our trip till October, and it was going to be much longer – up to a year – and in that time we were planning on going all over the planet. But we scrapped those plans. […]

Vieques Unleashed: Things to Do, Sites to See, Places to Eat!

As you may know by now, we love… and I mean love Vieques. It was especially nice to go back for our wedding to spend more time on the island. Vieques is 21 miles east to west and 4 miles north to south; with it being so small, you think you would have enough time […]

The Wild Horses of Vieques, Puerto Rico

The first time we went to Vieques, we heard there would be wild horses there. Our impression of the phrase, “wild horses” is probably very similar to the one you have. It conjures visions of the untamed, catching a glimpse of rugged escape, beauty in the power and unpredictability. We thought we’d have to get […]

Sandy’s Lake Michigan Waves Nothing To Write Home About

Get ready for a rant everybody. It seems that Sandy’s reach to the Midwest has brought every amatuer Lake Enthusiast out of the woodwork, and down to the beaches and marinas of the state. I saw report after report on the news about the “massive waves” that Sandy brought into the Midwest. I distinctly remember […]

5 Eco Tours to do in Trinidad

Trinidad is a wonderful Caribbean island in the far-south of the sea – just 20mi off the coast of Venezuela. Despite being the creator of the iconic steel drum, they’re not your typical white-sand, laid-back, blissed-out beach destination. Craigy shores, big waves, and a rugged, mountainous interior promise more excitement than most of the islands. […]

Smoke and Fury: Gorging Ourselves on Puerto Rico’s Pork Highway

The first thing you should know about Puerto Rico’s pork highway is that it almost doesn’t exist at all. We found it though, and our idea of the perfect meal has never been the same since.