Journey Jabber 004: How to Start Budgeting for Travel with Matt Kepnes

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In this episode of Journey Jabber, I interview Matt Kepnes of Matt’s been on the road for the better part of six years, and has done a great job of living a life that most of us think only exist in the minds of Hollywood screenwriters.

He’s been all over the world, from taking part in crazy festivals like La Tomatina in Spain to visiting the temples and gardens of Kyoto, Japan, and with his blog he wants to show you how to do it too.

But Matt’s not here to talk about all of the amazing experiences he’s had, he’s here to talk to us about something so many people hate – budgeting.

No matter how frugal you are, traveling still takes some amount of money. Budgeting for travel can really be broken down into two halves: saving up your money for your trip – whether that’s only a week of vacation or a six-month sabbatical – and then stretching your savings and not spending it willy-nilly.

Matt gives us some tips and tools to enhance both sides of the equation, helping us to save more money and stop leaking it like a sieve, and some tools to help us spend less while on the road.

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In this episode you’ll discover…

  • The first thing you should do to start saving money for traveling
  • The truth about couchsurfing (it’s not what you think…)
  • How hostels can bring more authenticity to your destination
  • Where to eat well and cheap while traveling
  • Matt’s favorite party destination in the world
  • What Rick Steves looked like as a scruffy, hostel-going college kid (scroll down to find out ;)
  • Plus much more!

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Awesome Rick Steves photo!

Alright, since I promised it at the end of the podcast, here it is in all its glory:

young rick steves

Is it just me, or does he still wear the same glasses?


  1. Joy Artner says:

    Hey Andy,
    Am totally enjoying your posts, and particularly the interviews. Am filing away a lot of the tips to hopefully use for travels in my dotage!!
    Be sure to look us up when you are next back in Milwaukee, would love to get together & meet Becki, always knew you would meet a “keeper”!!

    • Thanks so much Joy, always great to hear from you! A get together would be great, and we can’t wait to hear some stories from your travels as well :)

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