Spicy Fajitas (Bowl or Tortilla)

Mmmm fajitas....

Andy and I have been hemming and hawing over how we can make our blog more exciting, not only for you but for us, as well. We want a reason to write stories, but when we are not traveling as much as we would like, it makes it difficult to come up … [Continue reading]

The now Quiet Days of Summer

We've done it again, we've gone off and became quiet again. The past week in the Kremer household has been strangely quiet and a sad state of affairs. Last week Monday was one the hardest days I have ever been faced with in my life. The whole notion … [Continue reading]

Red Rock Country of Sedona

Welcome to Sedona

Nestled between Coconino and Yavapai counties in Arizona lays a world full of red rock mountains and bright green plant life that will stop you in your tracks. Debating between driving on the iconic Route 66 or heading up north a couple hours away to … [Continue reading]

The Hoover Dam: Must or Bust?

The Famous Hoover Dam

After checking out from the Riviera for my birthday weekend and having some time to spare before checking into our next hotel, Andy and I decided to make the drive over to the Hoover Dam. I have always wanted to see the Dam after learning about what … [Continue reading]

Getting to Know Your Wisconsin Craft Breweries Part 1: New Glarus Brewery

New Glarus - delicious local beer!

Hello, and welcome to Part 1 of a our new 48-part series, "Getting to Know Your Wisconsin Craft Breweries", based almost entirely on the members of the Wisconsin Craft Brewers Guild. There's a few significant breweries conspicuously missing from the … [Continue reading]

A Crapful of Tips for Your Trip to Ireland: Getting There, Staying There, and Getting Around

*yawn* Yeah, just another heart-wrenchingly beautiful scene in The Connemara

So, you're thinking about taking a trip to Ireland, eh? Well CONGRATULATIONS! That's a great idea, because Ireland is totally freakin' awesome! But, its mysteries extend beyond it's clouded history and stories of the supernatural. It seems like just … [Continue reading]

Mexico in Photographs


Every trip ends with me looking back on all the photos I have taken, many are still great but not enough that I could muster up a story about, however, still an amusing compilation for a blogpost! … [Continue reading]