Can One Word Sum Up All of London?

Can one word – just one simple word, sum up all of the history and majesty of London? One of the worlds greatest cities, the financial center of the planet, and capital city of not just a little island in the North Atlantic, but the virtual capital city almost all of the colonies they’ve had over the centuries, including places like Canada and India?

There is one word to sum up London, and here it is: …meh.

It wasn’t the biggest let down I’ve had (that was Venice), but it sure wasn’t our favorite place either. There is one thing London is really good for though: photo ops. So without further ado, here’s some pics of some famous things from London.

 The London Eye

The London Eye

Every time I think of this, it pops up in my head as “the eye” instead of “the London eye”. Big difference.

Trafalgar Square

Becki at Trafalgar Square

The lions of Trafalgar Square

Cool Random Things

London collage 2

Cleopatra's Needle, the oldest thing in London

Turns out the oldest thing in London was actually made in Egypt. That’s Cleopatra’s Needle, originally in Heliopolis, Egypt in 1250BC. Strangely, this wasn’t even close to the oldest man-made object we saw on our trip, but that’ll have to be saved for another post.

The Globe Theater

The Anchor Bar, where Shakespeare went for beers

The re-creation of The Globe, where Shakespeare’s plays were performed, and The Anchor, where the Bard and his actors would go for brewskis.

London Bridge is no longer falling down

London Bridge is no longer falling down – that was the old one. Guess it’s time to change the song…

St. Pauls Cathedral

St. Pauls Cathedral – second largest free-standing dome in the world. This was about as close as we got.

Waterloo, or Ladies Bridge

The Waterloo bridge, otherwise known as “The Ladies Bridge” because it was built entirely by women.

london collage 1 The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower aka Big Ben

The Clock Tower, aka Big Ben, aka The Elizabeth Tower, aka the Palace of Westminster. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a pretty clock.

The Tower of London

Tower of London from the Thames

Tower of London Guard

Beefeater at the Tower of London

Kings chambers inside the Tower of London

The King’s chambers inside of the Tower. Not too shabby.

View of Tower Bridge from the Tower of Londn

View from behind the protective wall. The Tower of London was possibly our favorite thing in the city – and, for all your princess hopefuls out there, it’s where they keep the Family Jewels, aka the Crown Jewels (Crown Jewels -> Royal Jewels -> Royal Family -> Family Jewels -> teehee!). Sorry, pictures of them are strictly forbidden, but they were pretty sweet.

Tower Bridge

The Tower of London

Tower of London underneath

The Tower of London bright blue

Mind the Gap

Sunset over London

Hope you enjoyed our pics of some famous London sites. Not much else to tell you about London, so we’ll just leave you with this parting pic instead. Enjoy!

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