Journey Jabber 005: Why Traveling Doesn’t Stop When You Have Kids

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In this episode of Journey Jabber, I interview Cam Wears of Cam and his wife Nicole have led lives chock-full of travel since before they even met each other.

After meeting and getting married, they quit their jobs and traveled the world for over a year. These days, they’ve traded in their backpacks for a home-base in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, but haven’t traded in their travel bug.

Despite already having to balance their careers, blogging, and being parents, they still manage to get on the road and explore distant lands and different cultures with their baby.

Cam tells us all about what it’s like to travel when you have children, and even more importantly he reassures us that travel and adventure doesn’t have to stop with children. When people say that you won’t have any more adventures when you have kids, Cam tells us why those people aren’t 100% wrong to say that, but they’re also definitely not 100% right either.

Personally, that’s great news, because I feel like that’s all I ever hear from people, and in some ways it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. When someone who doesn’t have kids (like Becki and I) hear the same thing non-stop from people that do have kids, it becomes hard to ignore, and I think in the end a lot of people do stop traveling and having adventures, just because they’ve become programmed to expect it.

We also talk a little about how the difficulties of traveling with a baby aren’t too different from the difficulties of traveling in any other way. You’re always going to have to deal with other people on mass-transit – whether that’s boats, trains, or planes – you’re always going to have uncomfortable situations, and you’re always going to have unexpected difficulties that you have to quickly figure out without help from anyone else.

In the end, I think it comes down to what we always knew; there’s always going to be reasons and excuses to not get out there, to not explore the world around us and see and experience something amazing. When you have kids, it’s just another excuse to tack onto the list, and that’s exactly why we’re putting out these podcasts.

To demonstrate that kids, money, time, etc., are not valid reasons for not following your dream of seeing the world. We’ll still keep them coming, including podcasts on what to do for insurance when you’re traveling, what to do about your cell phone and how you can stay in touch, and so much more.

Thanks for listening, and I sincerely hope you enjoyed it.

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In this episode you’ll discover…

  • The best mode of transportation with a child
  • Which seats are the best for flying with a baby, and why
  • How to rediscover “the awesome that is in your own backyard”
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about your crying baby annoying other travelers
  • If Cam is more afraid of poopy diapers or Taylor Swift…
  • Plus much more!

Mentioned In This Podcast

Okay, maybe we actually forgot to mention these, but Cam and Nicole have both their general travel blog, and a site specific to tips on traveling with a baby. Check out their sites here:

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  1. Thanks for the interview – it was fun!

  2. Monica Kremer says:

    Very informative! :)
    *thumbs up*

  3. Duncan Faber says:

    For me, the secret to traveling with my little girl is to always pack an extra pair of leggings in my carry on. That way if she spills something on her pants, or gets cold, it’s easy for her to slip them on. Plus, they pack really small! My daughter’s favorite brand is but obviously there are lots of places to get them.

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