Journey Jabber 001: Introduction and What to Expect From the Show

Journey Jabber Travel Interviews Podcast Career BreakIt’s here! The very first episode of Journey Jabber is completed!!

You can listen to the show here on our website, download it to your computer, or subscribe to it through iTunes.

Since this is only the first episode, I spend a little bit of time introducing myself, going over the format of the show and the types of travelers we’re going to interview and why I think they’re important, and what to expect from future episodes.

There’s always going to be a blog post that goes along with each episode (like this one) where I’ll have some extra information about topics discussed in the show, links to resources that were mentioned, and hopefully transcripts of the episode.

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Thank you again for everything. Becki and I appreciate everything you do for us, and that you’re willing to come along with us on this journey :)



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