The Ever Changing Vacation Plan

One of these days we will learn to stop saying things that are not true and *maybe* follow through with a plan! It’s just that Andy and I get so excited about an idea of something, and then we just want to tell the world because we are that excited! And as usual, something else comes along and we end up changing the whole course of planned events. This situation just happened … AGAIN.

Our last blog post (or two) was about our decision to finally go to Aruba after so much tossing around the idea of taking a cruise or not. We ended up picking Aruba because we weren’t quite ready for another cruise, and wanted more time to stretch out and explore an island. I had been wanting to go to Aruba for some time as of late, and was head over heels when we certainly picked it, even going out and buying travel books to help us along with the planning.


After the holidays calmed down and life started to go back into routine, I wanted to start setting the Aruba trip in stone. Booking the flight, rental car, and a place to stay. If you remember from the last post, I had found a wonderful place to stay on Aruba through Airbnb and couldn’t wait to get down there and meet the host and have some much needed beach time. Of course, as fate (and luck) would have it, the place was booked for the week we would be down there. Truly crushed over it, I went back to square one to start a new search on where to stay. Another house came up that was just as good, even closer to the beach, and now I was just waiting on Andy…

In the meantime with all that waiting, my car – sweet Bessie (bless her heart (or engine)) decided that she was not going to be up to par anymore. Her power steering had been failing on me more than once, and was giving me an arm work out that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger cry (no lie). A few other things were also starting to go, and it had us on the look out for a replacement, and did we ever find a replacement! A little over three weeks ago we welcomed Annora Milly Kremer into our family with open arms. A fabulous 2010 VW Golf TDI – she is so beautiful and quite powerful!

Annora Milly

Annora Milly

Now you may be wondering why talking about cars has anything to do with our vacation planned to Aruba … it has everything to do with it. After getting Milly we realized that we had never taken a road trip with just each other before, and with having a car that doesn’t need to be filled up every 300 miles, the wheels started shifting for a new vacation destination.

Our vacation is set up for March, where winter in Wisconsin turns into an ugly shade of grey and dirt – the snow is no longer pretty, the cold is no longer appealing, and people are down right cranky. Myself included because I am ready for some warmer weather, sunshine and flip flops. With that in mind, we knew we wanted to go somewhere warmer, and to someplace we had never been before.

I have always wanted to do a road trip out West, to see the Grand Tetons, but winter can linger on just as long as back 2013 we had taken a family road trip to Florida, so we knew we wanted to do something different. My mind popped up with Savannah, Georgia – I had been wanting to go there for as long as I can remember, and I had been through Georgia many moons ago and fell in love with the state’s beauty. Andy had been to Atlanta before, and agreed that Savannah sounded like a great idea.

After doing some research that weather in Savannah, GA will be a balmy 70 degrees during late March, and finding a fantastic Airbnb rental – our minds are OFFICIALLY made up.

Savannah – get ready for the Kremer’s!

What was the best road trip you have ever taken? Comment below to tell us all about it!


  1. Road trip! Woohoo! It’s amazing how life can be so fluid. Kudos to you for rolling with it. Savannah sounds lovely. In fact, my roommate and I have been toying with the idea of going there this winter, too!

    • Thanks! They always say that you need a niche for your blog, and I think we finally found ours. Say (write) one thing and do something completely different! We seem to be pros at it.

      We are pretty ecstatic to head on down to GA, let us know if you need any tips if you do end up going on down there :)

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