Where to Go and How to Decide?

Being a travel lover and part time travel blogger, exploring new places is always on my mind. Who wouldn’t want to tube down the old sugar mill canals in Hawaii? Or eat delicious street food in Uruguay? How about getting lost on some side streets and stopping for an espresso in Italy? I want to, but yet there is always that tug of wanting to go back to where we have already been because they have left such a dent in my heart.

How do we ever decide? 

We have been playfully searching around and bringing up ideas for our next big vacation. I have really been wanting to go to Hawaii and Andy brought up that he wants to go to Peru – but something caught our eye today, and now I have been very hung up over it.

Big boat, little people...

Big boat, little people (or “vertically challenged people”, if you prefer)…

We saw a deal for a seven night cruise in the Caribbean, even visiting two islands that we have been to before. It got my mind rolling and wanting to check out what Royal Caribbean has to offer. They too offer a seven night cruise, visiting five islands (two that we have been to on our last cruise), and it even leaves from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Heck, it is even on the same ship, and I want to go. I want to go bad.

Do I want to go because I have done it before, so I know what to expect? Puerto Rico does mean a lot to Andy and I and we never tire of Old San Juan. Or do I want to go because just having a trip booked makes me excited, and it is something fun to look forward to?

I know that the world is huge, and there are so many places to explore and to make new memories, but there is always going to be those heartstrings being pulled to go back to where we have already been.

We spent two weeks on the Adventure of the Seas cruise ship by Royal Caribbean in 2013, it was a great two weeks, it was a long two weeks, but I want to do it again. I really feel like I needed to read about how to cruise before we left. We missed so many amazing shows the first week because we were so busy exploring every island we made stops on, then coming back to our stateroom and crashing for the night. So many things left undone…

I want to go back and do everything I didn’t get to before, because now I know! I know what to expect, I know where I want to go in Old San Juan, where to eat, what to see, what to do. And on the ship I know what I will want to check out, which decks to suntan on, which pools to avoid because they are filled with old people, even what foods I want to eat again. And this makes me oh-so-excited.

But on the other hand…

I’d really like to go to Aruba!

At the end of the day, both ideas are still so new and fresh, we won’t know until we look at both and weigh the pros and cons. In the end everything will work out, and we will still get to go somewhere amazingly awesome. Making the decision is the hardest part.

Do you end up taking a vacation the same location(s), or like exploring new places? What makes you decide? Place your comments below.


  1. Joy Artner says:

    Know exactly what you mean, I could go to Florence for every vacation… But the unknown is a strong lure. We were supposed to leave for Peru this Saturday, but had to cancel as I have broken my ankle….. BUMMER!!!?.. Will reschedule when able to.
    Keep on exploring you two & have a great holiday season.
    Andy, would love to meet Becki sometime, how about setting up a time / place to meet up with your “OLD” girlfriends from Columbia sometime… I am sure Julie, Krystal MaryBeth et al would love to get together for a drink.

  2. Another great read. I have done a little traveling…..I am so hooked :) Hi to both of you. Enjoy this beautiful holiday season!!

    • Thanks Jeanette! Traveling sure is addictive, whether it is to the same location or someplace new, it is always exciting to get away.

      We wish you a very Merry Christmas! And hope that your New Year is full of travels! :)

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