The Hardest Part of Leaving on an Adventure

As we finalized more of our travel plans, started packing up to leave home for a few months straight, got our house sitter in place, we slowly came to a harsh truth. That we really and truly are leaving behind our cats, Spooky and Ralph. For the non pet-owners out there, dedicating an entire post […]

Flight Newbie to World Traveler: My Year in Review

Tomorrow is the birthday of my very first plane ride. I have never felt so nervous before in my life — well maybe that’s a white lie, I was pretty nervous deciding to make the leap of going off to college after being done with school for five years. Or the day of my first […]

I Got 99 Problems but Overpacking Ain’t One

When I was a little kid, the phrases ‘vacation’, ‘going out of town’, ‘going up north’, and ‘weekend getaway’ meant I would find my old suitcase or my brother’s stinky duffle bag and load it up two weeks before we were leaving town! Now I find myself hours before a flight flinging clothes around and […]

The Day I Quit My Job to Travel

When I got back up to my office, after just having finished lunch and having that warm, full-belly feeling all over, I have to admit I was a little bit surprised to see three burly security guards by my door, waiting for me to return. A bit surprised, but not completely – after all, I […]

This Is Why We Travel

I was reading the last post on Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” blog, and towards the end there was an interesting part that really spoke to me. He mentioned that over the course of their productions, they wanted to do their best to illustrate the culinary geniuses of the world – what they do, how they […]

Bye Ferry… Now What?

“….I don’t think we are going to get on that boat, it’s leaving the dock… NOW!”

This is how our journey back to Puerto Rico’s mainland started after our week on a beautiful tropical island for our wedding & honeymoon. This is also how we learned that Vieques’ island life is not what we were used to back in the States. Things move more slowly, processes take longer, people are laid back — but for some reason, our ferry was in ‘Let’s get the ‘F’ out of here’ mode!

It’s Sunday morning — our last full day on Vieques, and we wanted to explore and take it all in before we had to go back to dreary, winterlike Wisconsin. We were staying at Tradewinds in Esperanza and checked out of our room early, since we had to be up at 6:00AM the next day to make sure we caught the ferry back to Fajardo. My parents had overheard that passengers were not allowed on the cargo ferry, so we just wanted to double check if that was true or not. Passengers are allowed, but we learned that it is just better to take the passenger ferry – things just work smoother.

Sacrifice and Shivers in the Desperate Dark of Winter

Riding my motorcycle home from work late on a cold October evening, I realized I was losing motor control of my fingers. Braking and shifting were becoming difficult, which is never a good thing while going 65 mph on a two-wheeled vehicle in the dark. My eyes were starting to tear, and my head was […]