A Crapful of Tips for Your Trip to Ireland: Getting There, Staying There, and Getting Around

So, you’re thinking about taking a trip to Ireland, eh? Well CONGRATULATIONS! That’s a great idea, because Ireland is totally freakin’ awesome! But, its mysteries extend beyond it’s clouded history and stories of the supernatural. It seems like just getting there and getting around are also the stuff of legend. So here’s a few tips from […]

Ireland’s Mysterious Monuments of Knowth and New Grange

Have you heard about Knowth and New Grange? No? Have you heard that Ireland contains some of the most mysterious and ancient ruins in the known world? 500 years older than they pyramids of Giza? 1,000 years older than Stonehenge? No?? Oh, I see… Well, Becki and I didn’t know that either. Not until we […]

The Cliffs of Insanity – The Cliffs of Moher

Ireland is nearly bursting with natural beauty. It seems that every time you twist your head left or right, there’s a mountain vista dappled with sun from low-hanging clouds, or a rainbow stretching over lush green hillsides, or a waterfall rolling off a mountainside and into a clear, strong stream with hordes of fluffy white […]

Celtic Dreams – The Highlights of our Trip to Ireland [In Photos]

This trip was a first for both Andy and I. Neither of us had traveled to Ireland before, and we didn’t really know what to expect going into it. We heard it was green, and that there’s a strong affinity for dark beers there (putting Andy in his natural element). We heard there were leprechauns […]