Mexico in Photographs

Every trip ends with me looking back on all the photos I have taken, many are still great but not enough that I could muster up a story about, however, still an amusing compilation for a blogpost!

The Best Snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas

Before Andy and I had even left for our two month adventure, my brother Tim had won two free flight tickets from his work, and took the chance to head down to Cabo San Lucas with his wife, Amanda. In the back of my mind, I knew this was going to be great when Andy […]

Unexpected Surprise – A Taste of Italy in Mexico

I didn’t think it was even possible to be *slightly* tired of tacos in Mexico – but supposedly it does happen. After a full week on the Baja Peninsula and having tacos for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (think Bubba from Forest Gump; egg tacos, fish tacos, chicken tacos…etc.) My taste buds were craving something […]

Beautiful and Breathtaking Balandra Beach

La Paz despite being located on the coast of Sea of Cortez is not known for being a beach town. The malecón stretches along the length of town, and does offer some spots for swimming and sun shelter. We found out that most of the locals do not swim in town because of La Paz […]

How we Found Ourselves in Mexico

How do you decide where your next move is going to be with only four days left in Ireland? See whatever airlines have 2 spaces available to a cheap destination! That is exactly how Andy and I roll. It was a Tuesday night, we were sitting in our nice and cozy rental home about a […]

The Complete Guide to my Vacation on Isla Mujeres

All the details on where to stay, who to talk to, where to go and what to do on a budget beach vacation on Isla Mujeres.

My Budget Beach Vacation on Isla Mujeres

Let Me Tell You About Isla Mujeres… “You’re going to love it! It’s a small place, nothing to do. Go to the North Beach, bring some brewski’s and do nothing. It’s my favorite place in Mexico. Quiet and nothing to do – perfect.”, according to Francisco, a co-worker of mine originally from Mexico who frequently […]