Beautiful and Breathtaking Balandra Beach

La Paz despite being located on the coast of Sea of Cortez is not known for being a beach town. The malecón stretches along the length of town, and does offer some spots for swimming and sun shelter. We found out that most of the locals do not swim in town because of La Paz […]

How we Found Ourselves in Mexico

How do you decide where your next move is going to be with only four days left in Ireland? See whatever airlines have 2 spaces available to a cheap destination! That is exactly how Andy and I roll. It was a Tuesday night, we were sitting in our nice and cozy rental home about a […]

Learning to Let Go and Move On: Our Destination Wedding in Vieques

Have you ever had something happen to you that made you so upset that you just had to sit back and let it all settle before you could address it? We did, and sadly, it was our own wedding. We were able to talk about it with our family and friends after it happened, but […]

Coming Out of Hiding

The first step to realizing you have a problem is admitting you have a problem. We suck, seriously, we do. We have been bad bloggers as of late, and we need to get back on track. Here is the low down on what we have been up to as of late

Flight Newbie to World Traveler: My Year in Review

Tomorrow is the birthday of my very first plane ride. I have never felt so nervous before in my life — well maybe that’s a white lie, I was pretty nervous deciding to make the leap of going off to college after being done with school for five years. Or the day of my first […]

So, We’ve Decided to Not Do A RTW Trip…

Many of you are already aware that our plans have changed a bit. Originally, we weren’t going to start our trip till October, and it was going to be much longer – up to a year – and in that time we were planning on going all over the planet. But we scrapped those plans. […]

The Day I Quit My Job to Travel

When I got back up to my office, after just having finished lunch and having that warm, full-belly feeling all over, I have to admit I was a little bit surprised to see three burly security guards by my door, waiting for me to return. A bit surprised, but not completely – after all, I […]