What’s Up With These “Azores” anyways?

So, if you’re following Becki and I on some of our social media, you may have noticed that we stopped in The Azores for a day. And you may have thought to yourself, “by golly, what the heck are The Azores, and where are they anyways?”. And after leaving Mayberry and “The Beave”, you maybe […]

Saint Lucia: Roller Coaster Roads and Fart-Stink Mountains

It’s easy to think that any one Caribbean island is going to look more or less the same as any other Caribbean island: hilly to mountainous, with clear turquoise waters and loads of lush green foliage. Such generalizations are hard to avoid sometimes, and transforming to a jaded tourist can quickly change from outlandish concept […]

Journey Jabber 003: Learning the Art of Travel Hacking

In my third episode of Journey Jabber, I interview Daraius Dubash of millionmilesecrets.com to pick his brain about getting into the dark arts of travel hacking. Daraius’ website is one of the best resources I used to get into travel hacking, and since then Becki and I have stayed many nights in hotels for free in some […]

The Hardest Part of Leaving on an Adventure

As we finalized more of our travel plans, started packing up to leave home for a few months straight, got our house sitter in place, we slowly came to a harsh truth. That we really and truly are leaving behind our cats, Spooky and Ralph. For the non pet-owners out there, dedicating an entire post […]

Why We Have Mad Love for Old San Juan, Puerto Rico: In Pictures

Just a little ways South of the Florida keys is the island that Christopher Columbus first landed on after sailing across the Atlantic. A lot of people don’t know the history of the island, but Puerto Rico has plenty.

Journey Jabber 002: Using House Sitting to Stretch Your Travel Budget

In this episode of Journey Jabber, I got to interview one of my favorite travel bloggers and all-around great guy, Pete Heck. Pete and his wife Dalene run hecktictravels.com and specialize in adventurous couple travel, and have been traveling full-time quite a while – since before anyone even cared about Instagram or Pinterest, if you […]

I Got 99 Problems but Overpacking Ain’t One

When I was a little kid, the phrases ‘vacation’, ‘going out of town’, ‘going up north’, and ‘weekend getaway’ meant I would find my old suitcase or my brother’s stinky duffle bag and load it up two weeks before we were leaving town! Now I find myself hours before a flight flinging clothes around and […]