5 of my Favorite Travel Blogs

Everybody needs a little travel inspiration – this is mine. There’s a lot of great travel resources out there; from National Geographic for its inspiring photography and Outside Magazine’s push towards adventure to Rick Steves’ insightful candor and Sam Brown for just plain fun. More and more though, travel is turning to the Internet for genuine travels by people just like you and I.

Here are stories from five of my favorite travel bloggers. I hope their stories lighten your day and inspire some wanderlust. Enjoy!

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Blog

Nomadic Matt's Travel Blog
Nomadic Matt is one of the original travel bloggers. He really focuses on independent travel – in other words, eschewing the mass-tourism industry (cruises, resorts, hotels, and any of the other big-money players) for hostels, local buses, and street vendors.

Just recently he took a step back to see if he was wrong about mass tourism and its intrinsic pratfalls. Taking a cruise on Royal Caribbean, Matt found that there are definite upsides and downsides to mass-tourism, but has hope that people are still interested in independent travel and want to do more than “drown their brain in frozen piña coladas”.


The Planet D Travel Blog

The Planet D Travel Blog
Dave and Deb are an adventure travel couple from Canada whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person at TBEX ‘12 in Keystone, CO. I’ve always liked that they’re on a mission to show that anyone can have an adventure. It really resonated with me trying to show people that it’s possible to travel without buying into the mass-tourism industry.

This post inspired a lot of jealousy. I’m no connoisseur, but I’ve been on a fair share of winery tours and would’ve loved this. The history and scenery of the Spanish winery they were at is astounding, and I agree with them fully – more Westerners need to learn from the Spanish how to relax with family and friend, enjoy good food and wine, and love life a little more.


Hecktic Travels Travel Blog

Hecktic Travels Travel Blog
This was a really fun post by Peter and Dalene Heck, a Canadian couple who cutely name all sorts of things, like their blog, hidden lagoons, and hiking trails after their last name. They’re the kind of blogging couple that keep you coming back for more based completely on their fun personalities.

This post was a good reminder of how some (okay, many) of your best trips and memories come from completely unexpected places. It also has a great summer feel, and will make you want to head out on the road right when you’re done reading.


Uncornered Market Travel Blog

Uncornered Market Travel Blog
Dan and Audrey have become a cornerstone of sustainable tourism, and in fact now have a job beyond travel blogging – they’re working for the United Nations Global Sustainable Tourism Council to develop their social media strategy.

I found this panoramic photo post of Udaipur, India, surprisingly captivating. I thought the panoramic image would be kinda gimmicky, but instead it turns out to capture an astounding level of detail. It captures a moment in time, freezing a very busy marketplace in India. Have fun looking around and seeing the impossible number things all going on at once.


Be My Travel Muse Travel Blog

Be My Travel Muse Travel Blog
I stumbled across Ava’s blog after going to TBEX and seeing her comments there. She’s an irreverent and fun blogger who likes to head off the beaten path.

Her post on accidentally hitchhiking in costa rica definitely caught my attention, and her lack of planning ahead and just diving into the trip reminded me of my own trip to Trinidad and Tobago where I arrived at night when the taxis weren’t running, with no contacts and no lodging booked for the night. Sometimes, when you have no plans, it leaves you open to and defenseless against all the amazing things that can happen.


What are you best travel inspirations? Do you have any magazines or TV shows that you love for travel inspiration? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. I’m in such good company here! Thanks so much for including me :)

  2. Andy – thanks so much for the shout-out! Very much appreciated. :)

  3. Andy, thanks so much for including us in this list. Honored to be included with some of our favorite travel blogs. And you’re right, the detail in the panoramas is pretty amazing – find myself getting lost in them a bit when I stitch them together to upload. Thanks again!

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